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BlueAlpha14's News

Posted by BlueAlpha14 - December 27th, 2017

You literally don't want to know how long it took me to get to this page. Every time I tried opening up a page on the internet my connection just shut down. God I hate my internet.

Or maybe it's this laptop that I've had for like 6 years, who knows...

Oh, sorry, I'm afraid I've already gone off-topic. It's me again, Alpha as I like to call myself. If it isn't obvious, I've been pretty dead say... the last 3-4 months? Wow, it's been a while. 

Well, I'd like to blame all my issues on school, but I really can't because I have a lot more free time than I make it out to be. The real reason I've been absent from this site is quite simple: I've stopped making music.

At least once a week for the past year I've constantly made news posts saying "hey, here's a track I'll never get done" "god i suck at music why do I bother trying" "you know I just need some practice I've only been doing music for like 2 years now". And I've finally given up. I'm tired of attempting a talent I'm good at. If you think about it, I've been doing this crap blind. I have no idea how tf song composition works, I've never studied sound design or music theory, quite frankly I'm too lazy to learn this stuff. I honestly believe some people are born with talents, and music or the math associated with it is not a skill I possess. A skill I do feel I possess is writing.

Starting around July of this year and even today, I've gotten back into writing. Writing is something I've done for pretty much my whole life. I remember writing stupid little stories when I was really young, in 3rd grade I wrote a ton of short stories because my teacher always had prompts, but then I kinda diverted away from it. Now I'm back in the business of fiction. And, honestly, if I thought this place was a writing community I would post a lot more. And, technically, it is because Newgrounds is "everything, by everyone" but I just don't feel like writing is something that's popular on here. There's not a portal for it, just a forum. And the forum is so dead I feel like I'd just be wasting my time posting stuff there, and I'd really prefer not to start posting stories on these news posts. 

Really though, I haven't been dead. I've moved to a different social media, and for certain reasons I'm not going to broadcast where I'm residing. I would like to apologize though for being inactive. I know there's other stuff I could be doing here like listening to music or being active in the AP Cleanup forum again but I just haven't felt the need. I promise I'll try being back on here daily.

TL;DR: I suck at music. I have no clue where to post my writing on here. I'll try to be active again.



Posted by BlueAlpha14 - August 30th, 2017

GuYs SeRiOuSlY ThE SeCrEt tO lIfE Is RiGhT HeRe!

Nah, jk. Just wanted to see if you were reading this post before you started spamming the links with your mouse ._.

Think of the poor mouse guys. #MouseLivesMatter

Anyways, hi, I'm BlueAlpha14 and there's a chance you may know me from my music. I have received some wonderful recognitions, including biggest troll on the audio portal. Thank you fans, I'm very honored.

But I'm not here to talk about my music, I'm here to talk about sample packs. More specifically sample packs that you would use for bass music. I'm talking Bass House, Dubstep, Drumstep, Glitch Hop, Drum and Bass, Neurofunk, Trap, Hybrid, Electro etc. Not that you couldn't use these for more chill, mid-tempo stuff but it'd be a lot harder. This is mostly for basshead musicians.

So yeah, sample packs. They are quite amazing actually. You don't need a specific DAW or VST to use them, and they're great assets for those who are a beginner or expert in music production. Today I am going to share with you guys not 1, not 2, but 9 free sample packs that you can use for your music production. Yes, all of these are copyright-free. That's why they're sample packs lol. I am going to also give my opinion on these because I've listened/used all of them.

This will hopefully be a regularly updated resource post. I'm starting out with 9, but in the meantime I hope to add more as I find them. If you want to donate your own sounds or you found a sample pack that is not listed, let me know and I'll add it to this list with credit that you found it.

All of these links are safe to download them from. I wouldn't give you guys links that would infect your computer.

One last thing, if you're a moderator and you find a sample pack that I shouldn’t be advertising, please let me know. I am not an expert on what's allowed and what's not allowed, so I apologize if I posted any wrong ones.

Alright, enough waiting, let's get started.


As it advertises, 2.5 GB of free samples for all kinds of genres. I've used BOS free stuff before and they're not too bad. They're more of a fanatic on drums, but that's okay because it's good to have an extensive library on drums instead of just reusing the same ones.


I know this isn't like bass samples or kicks and snares but I thought I would put this in there because 102 DnB drum loops is a lot, and they're all pretty unique in sound as well as tempo. It's a really good back-up if you're like me who can't make drum and bass patterns to save his life.


Yep, 50 free dubstep growls. You read it correct. These aren't lame ones, either. I like how they sound and these samples are even better than RPS' sound design tutorials (I'm also kinda obsessed with growls yeah). On his website, rocketpoweredsound.com, there's also a couple sample packs by other artists as well as some free Serum presets (though, again, his samples are better than his presets in my opinion).


80 bass samples by a person on YouTube named Nottich. Don't be tricked by the term "Monster Growls", because a lot of them are kinda weak and most certainly not growls. There a few cool and unique samples though, and I've used them for some experiments.


Surprisingly, these samples are not by Skrillex. But they're pretty close, aren't they? I haven't really found an excuse to use them, but for any super heavy dubstep producer out there these might be cool to play around with. There's also an FL Studio 12 written tutorial in this pack on how you can make your own Skrillex-type basses.


Here is 20 GB of free SFX and they're all royalty free to use. These are meant more for flash games, but if you like using SFX in your music there's tons of stuff you might use. The 2016 bundle is also still up. Just remove the 7 in the url and replace it with a 6. There is also a 2015 bundle that is no longer up anymore, but I'm sure the author wouldn't mind sending you the bundle if you asked for it.


With the creation of an account, you can have access to 500 MB of free samples that have genres such as Future Bass, DnB, Dubstep, Drumstep, and Electro. I'm going to be honest and say these are not very good samples because 90% of them are loops. Ok, I get it. It's by primeLOOPS, but they should be one-shots because you can't do much with loops without being totally uncreative. With an audio editor such as Audacity or if you have FL Studio 12 there's an audio editor you can turn the loops into one-shots. Aside from that, I found a few drum samples and risers that sound cool.


Some samples that were made by a user on YouTube named Spider Factory. These were made with Massive and Serum, so you can have access to cool bass sounds without shelling out $300 (sometimes less if you're willing to wait for Massive to go on sale). What's cool is there's also some sub bass loops in here, something that I haven't found before in a sample pack.


A very small sample pack. Most of the samples are loops, but if you're one of those expert samplers out there you could make a lot from a loop.

And finally, I have one more site to share with you.

Last year I found this site called www.theartistunion.com. It's basically where you can get free tracks by artists who offer a free download and exchange for a follower on SoundCloud and occasionally a comment. The database is pretty wide, but there's a cool thing that they have. There's a search filter that is just samples and presets. There is a whole bunch of free samples on there, even for genres that weren't centered in this post. I have found many packs that are certainly useful, and hopefully you will too.

Thank you guys for reading this post, and I hope I helped you find some stuff. There were a couple of packs I wanted to post here but unfortunately they are not allowed for use on Newgrounds. Gotta make sure this place doesn't get sued.

I might do a few other resource posts, so if you want, let me know in the comments if you would like to see more stuff like this and I'll consider doing it.

Lastly, thanks to @ADR3-N for helping me with this post. Their guidance is what helped me to choose which packs I could include and which packs I had to exclude.



Posted by BlueAlpha14 - August 29th, 2017

Hey guys, so today I am just a complete basketcase because tomorrow is my first day of school. Now, I'm probably acting more stressed than I should, but I have very long and involved reasons why I'm stressed.

I just posted a collab with @TheDubStepTronic and it will probably be the last submission on my portal for a little while. I'm going to be busy and probably won't have too much time to actually make a full track (but I'll still be making previews and practice stuffs here and there). If you want to see a couple collabs I'll be apart in, check out his profile.


^the song

Posted by BlueAlpha14 - August 26th, 2017

Wow, thanks everyone. Truly and honestly  ^^. I never thought I'd actually get to here.


I should make a song to celebrate this milestone.


Jk, I'd probably lose fans if I posted something rn.

Posted by BlueAlpha14 - August 18th, 2017

Yeah lol, screw that other track I was making. Gonna release a WIP of some melodic thing I made soon.

Also, I'll be posting a collab even sooner.

Stay tuned and whatnot

Posted by BlueAlpha14 - August 13th, 2017

I've been musically active lately working on a couple stuff with @TheDubStepTronic as well as an original composition and some sound design. Lately though I have also been super interested into writing, and I was curios if I ever posted my writing works here or if I advertised them would anyone be interested or not care?

Posted by BlueAlpha14 - August 9th, 2017

Every song I'm listening to today is a lot worse than I remember it.

Expectations vs Reality, ugh.

Anyways, here's a screenshot for a collab I'm doing.


Also, I hate to adverise, but can anyone tell if they think this trash is good or bad? Voting it 1 star isn't going to help.

Ok bye now.

Posted by BlueAlpha14 - July 26th, 2017

Remember when I posted a short glitch hop thing and I styled it like it was a VIP of .:To the Sky:.? Well, last night I was listening to some Jauz and while I dislike bass house for the most part I found this one song with a really sick wobble by him. And I was like, "hey, my glitch hop thing has a dark wobble to it, what if I were to make it bass house?". So, I composed what I think is a house drum pattern out of Glitch Hop drums (which they actually make pretty good house drums) and I set the tempo to 120 BPM and I thought, "hey this isn't bad. I'll just change the basslines a little and I'll have a good bass house track or whatever". But then since the drum pattern I had also reminded me of a hardstyle drum pattern, and I set the tempo to 150 BPM and it sounded pretty good imo. Then I remembered in this one Excision song there was freaking 180 BPM hardstyle in it, so I tried that out and it was even  better. I also experimented with a drumstep version that could work as well. Has anyone ever tried to fuse Bass House/Hardstyle/Drumstep? Well, it's a really weird combination, and it might end up not sounding like it does in my head. But at least it's giving me some motivation/inspiration to make music.

TL;DR: I'm going to be fusing Bass House/Hardstyle/Drumstep.

An even shorter TL;DR: Bass House/Hardstyle/Drumstep.

The shortest TL;DR I can possibly give you: Fusion.

That is all.


Posted by BlueAlpha14 - July 22nd, 2017

I no longer have 3 playlists for my songs!!!!111!

The only reason why I divided my songs into playlists is because my old music player app would not shuffle correctly if a playlist had more than 200 songs in there. Thus, I had to make 3 different playlists to accomadate that.

Now I've found a new music player app because my old one is starting to have serious issues.

F O R E X A M P L E: Ever since I got my new phone, it's literally been clearing all my playlists. It is damn hard to arrange over 700 songs into different playlists especially when you can't choose which folders you want to import, you are forced to go to a last added playlist that only displays like 400 songs at a time. The songs will literally stay on my playlist for a day and then for some reason the next day they will all be removed from my playlist. The new app I found has easier importing so even if glitches like that DO happen (which I swear to god they better not because I'll consider getting a new phone), it won't be such a pain to add everything back together.

And, it can actually shuffle 681 tracks properly!

Ok, I guess I better say some ACTUAL news now so I'm not off-topic:

I badly want to say I have a new song in the works, but it is hard to get one started. Especially when you want to be a dubstep producer. So, you know, I might get a song done. I might not.

My sample pack post is almost done. I just need to find someone to help clear up a few sample packs for me so I know if they're allowed for use on here or not. If you still have any sample packs you found I'll gladly add them to the post with credit.

Yeah, that's all I have. Just wanted to express my excitement for my music player.

Also, while I'm here, for anyone who listens to EDM (not the correct term I know, I seriously don't care), do you have any reccommendations for some good headphones? I want to buy some new ones, but I want to make sure I'm buying the right type for the kind of music I listen to.

Ok, yeah that's all I have.

Goodbye now.

Posted by BlueAlpha14 - July 17th, 2017

Now that I can safely say I'm fully active back on Newgrounds, I have a few plans that are going to take place.

1. In no more than a couple of days from now I will be making a resource post about sample packs and where to find some good ones. If you have any sample packs you've found and want to contribute to the post, I'll credit you. This post will be geared more towards dubstep, so try and be relevant. And please, make sure the author is also getting credit. Saying "I just collected a bunch of samples from the net and put them all in 1 big pack," is not crediting the author of the sample pack, especially since some samples have different rights and usages.

2. On the post where I announced "I'm quitting music production" I mentioned that writing is one of the things I want to do, and that someday I might share some of my works to the writing forum. Well, I'm currently in the process of making a story that I will post to the internet. I'm mainly making this for practice as well as getting feedback from other writers around the net about where my writing needs improvement. If anyone wants to read a rough draft and give feedback, I should have it ready soon if I really dedicate my time.

3. I'm not quitting music. When I made the decision where I was quitting music production was right before the 4th quarter at school. I had a lot on my mind and my grades really mattered to me. Spending hours on music when I can't even focus was not helping my music to sound better. I have a track that I've started on, but I'm doing something different. I'm going to take my time on this track. I'm not going to rush it and pump it out in 2 weeks because that's how most artists do it. I'm not most artists. It's time I focus, take my time, and actually make something that sounds good. I also plan on getting feedback along the way as well. If I judge my own work it will never get finished lol. I will still be releasing some tests or little "play around" stuff I do/did, because I should practice a lot more than I am.

4. I want to get back into the community again. Doing stuff like reporting to the AP Cleanup thread and blamming/saving games and animations. I also might try and scout a few musicians if I think they're good.

I also said I wanted to voice act. I actually did voice act for people on here twice. One of them is a flash game that I think is still up right now, and the other I did for an animation but I never heard back from the guy so I don't think he took me seriously. I'm going to admit, my old phone took horrible audio. However, before I "returned" (I was never gone, guys) I got a new phone. It takes better video so I wonder if it takes better audio. If I think it's clear enough I may be able to do that as well.

So yeah, expect some activity on here again.