2017-07-17 14:47:39 by BlueAlpha14

Now that I can safely say I'm fully active back on Newgrounds, I have a few plans that are going to take place.

1. In no more than a couple of days from now I will be making a resource post about sample packs and where to find some good ones. If you have any sample packs you've found and want to contribute to the post, I'll credit you. This post will be geared more towards dubstep, so try and be relevant. And please, make sure the author is also getting credit. Saying "I just collected a bunch of samples from the net and put them all in 1 big pack," is not crediting the author of the sample pack, especially since some samples have different rights and usages.

2. On the post where I announced "I'm quitting music production" I mentioned that writing is one of the things I want to do, and that someday I might share some of my works to the writing forum. Well, I'm currently in the process of making a story that I will post to the internet. I'm mainly making this for practice as well as getting feedback from other writers around the net about where my writing needs improvement. If anyone wants to read a rough draft and give feedback, I should have it ready soon if I really dedicate my time.

3. I'm not quitting music. When I made the decision where I was quitting music production was right before the 4th quarter at school. I had a lot on my mind and my grades really mattered to me. Spending hours on music when I can't even focus was not helping my music to sound better. I have a track that I've started on, but I'm doing something different. I'm going to take my time on this track. I'm not going to rush it and pump it out in 2 weeks because that's how most artists do it. I'm not most artists. It's time I focus, take my time, and actually make something that sounds good. I also plan on getting feedback along the way as well. If I judge my own work it will never get finished lol. I will still be releasing some tests or little "play around" stuff I do/did, because I should practice a lot more than I am.

4. I want to get back into the community again. Doing stuff like reporting to the AP Cleanup thread and blamming/saving games and animations. I also might try and scout a few musicians if I think they're good.

I also said I wanted to voice act. I actually did voice act for people on here twice. One of them is a flash game that I think is still up right now, and the other I did for an animation but I never heard back from the guy so I don't think he took me seriously. I'm going to admit, my old phone took horrible audio. However, before I "returned" (I was never gone, guys) I got a new phone. It takes better video so I wonder if it takes better audio. If I think it's clear enough I may be able to do that as well.

So yeah, expect some activity on here again.



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