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Pretty humorous for the most part, a very original concept. Animation was good, overall. However you may want to change the rating to T because of that stabbing thing on the Bridge of Spies short, just to be 100% safe.

YouDecide responds:

Thanks for the advice, I changed the rating to T

Well, it's better than stick figures anyways. The thumbnail was kinda clickbait, which is something you should avoid heavily. I will say I do like the flow of the animation and the sound effects, it certainly has more effort put into it than some of the submissions on the movie portal. However, be sure to improve on art styles and designs.

I didn't really understand the story. The animation was also a bit.. eh. However that ending was creepy as hell.

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I can become the next Skrillex with this keyboard.
The idea is pretty cool, but the sound that emits from the keys is way too harsh sounding. The sine and triangle waves are not that bad, but the square and sawtooth waves almost give me a headache. I wish you were able to play more than one note at a time so you could make chords and stuff. A recording feature wouldn't be terribly bad either.
Overall, there's not too much I can do with this keyboard except.. tap keys, but other than that I think this is a pretty good game.

Oh yes, the game everyone has secretly wanted. Deep down inside we've all wanted to play a game where we could punch bears.
Now, maybe it would be fun if I ever got to that part in the game.
First, for starters, every time I punched that deer (by the way who voiced that thing? It was annoying..) my game would freeze. This is not a one time thing, 3 times now this is happened. The third time I let the deer hit me out of morbid curiosity to see if it would freeze again. Thus, I am only able to rate what I have seen that's actually playable.
The graphics, indeed are pretty good. The soundtrack selection was nice but the gameplay... not so much.

Umm... some instructions would be nice. All I ended up doing was just running into Mirror Man and staying there until I died. The music also is kinda annoying with the vocals. However, it is quality enough to be considered a good game. Just please next time include some instructions without having the player giving a clueless guess.

DarkDeco responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I added brief instructions to the introductory comments. Pretty standard up and down arrow key movement. I never got around to adding an instructions page, as originally this was a 4 stage concept, and the gameplay would have varied slightly on a couple of those stages. Idealistically, something like that would've been included. I was never able to work out some bugs with this stage (the Mirror entity's properties needed to be properly changed) and the intro (weird double-start glitch, if you only click once it doesn't recognize that you're still on the page until you click again), and the second stage proved quite problematic to code. My ActionScript is very so-so.

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I guess the sound is cool the first 2 times but it's not entirely satisfying for 2 minutes. It needs a lot more variation. Not much is being presented.

Skiddle responds:

Ok. Thanks for telling me.

Well, considering you haven't practiced much on dubstep I hope my feedback will be helpful.

First, you should probably get some drum samples. There are eons of free drum samples out there, and most of them are royalty-free to use on Newgrounds. Just a warning, I got my audio portal scout revoked because I used default drum samples and presets. There's no shame in using drum samples that were made by others (as long as they're royalty-free), just about every artist in the world uses them. Stock samples just don't have good quality, because FL Studio cares more about creating the DAW than a bunch of .wav samples.

Second, the melody is extremely boring. It's just ding-ding-ding, over and over. Maybe it would be pretty catchy for a ringtone, but not so much a song. The saw sounds like it was made in 3X OSC, which would be okay except for it doesn't sound very satisfying. You can make pretty decent saws in Harmor, since there's a lot more sound settings than "choose a waveform and *ding* it's done".

Third, the drop is just... well, I don't know how to put it. The saw isn't very powerful, and it's very quiet. It also didn't feel like dubstep. The only based you use was a 'yoy', and it appeared very randomly. I would suggest maybe adding a wobble (and if you have Harmor you can actually make a decent one) and making the saw chords a bit more harmonic.

I do have to give you props because you actually nailed the beat. Way better than my first try at dubstep.

Hopefully you don't take any offense to this review. I'm only trying to give you suggestions and tips that might help improve your production in the future especially if you want dubstep to be one of your main genres. 2 stars for effort.


SpinBowNonOfficial responds:

Thx it was very helpful I tried hard but I know I failed. Thx for the tips. I'll try hard and make it more powerful. Also thx for your honesty, I didn't like the rating but I respect honest ones. Thx again

Those basses were SICK! They're so slimy and just.. really cool sounding :D
Unfortunately, I'm not too much a fan of the intro and the chords you used. The violin, I'm going to be honest, was not a good idea. I get you're trying to capture the idea of orchestral dubstep, but they're should've been more than just a violin in that case. As I said, I don't like the notes on the strings or piano, they're harsh and very unsatisfying. It doesn't match very well with the bass drop. I do have to give you props on such an amazing drop though, so 3 stars 4 u.

ElMarianz responds:

Thanks for the review and in truth you're right I'm not good with the melodies or chords I started 1 year ago to produce that is enough but I do not have much time to learn things about composition by the school. I appreciate your review and I will be improving for the next ;)

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I've liked a lot of your comics and this is a great one. What inspires these ideas?

Coming Soon: Play in the Streets G- oh wait that's practically a thing.

This is actually a funny idea. I loved how it's styled like an actual ad.

Never watched the anime but all the fanart of this show is dope.

Some dubstephile who tries his hand at making his own. I also help out reporting stolen stuff to the Audio Portal Cleanup thread. Hablo español. Pero, no soy perfecto.

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