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Analog Keyboard Analog Keyboard

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I can become the next Skrillex with this keyboard.
The idea is pretty cool, but the sound that emits from the keys is way too harsh sounding. The sine and triangle waves are not that bad, but the square and sawtooth waves almost give me a headache. I wish you were able to play more than one note at a time so you could make chords and stuff. A recording feature wouldn't be terribly bad either.
Overall, there's not too much I can do with this keyboard except.. tap keys, but other than that I think this is a pretty good game.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Oh yes, the game everyone has secretly wanted. Deep down inside we've all wanted to play a game where we could punch bears.
Now, maybe it would be fun if I ever got to that part in the game.
First, for starters, every time I punched that deer (by the way who voiced that thing? It was annoying..) my game would freeze. This is not a one time thing, 3 times now this is happened. The third time I let the deer hit me out of morbid curiosity to see if it would freeze again. Thus, I am only able to rate what I have seen that's actually playable.
The graphics, indeed are pretty good. The soundtrack selection was nice but the gameplay... not so much.

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Tactical Turtle Tactical Turtle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool for your first game. I noticed the design was like a Flappy Bird style. I thought the graphics were great, and the concept is very original. I hope to see your future of flash games.

The Flash Flash Video Game (Demo) The Flash Flash Video Game (Demo)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Umm... some instructions would be nice. All I ended up doing was just running into Mirror Man and staying there until I died. The music also is kinda annoying with the vocals. However, it is quality enough to be considered a good game. Just please next time include some instructions without having the player giving a clueless guess.

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DarkDeco responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I added brief instructions to the introductory comments. Pretty standard up and down arrow key movement. I never got around to adding an instructions page, as originally this was a 4 stage concept, and the gameplay would have varied slightly on a couple of those stages. Idealistically, something like that would've been included. I was never able to work out some bugs with this stage (the Mirror entity's properties needed to be properly changed) and the intro (weird double-start glitch, if you only click once it doesn't recognize that you're still on the page until you click again), and the second stage proved quite problematic to code. My ActionScript is very so-so.

Plataformero Demo English Version Plataformero Demo English Version

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The least I can give is points for effort, because this had more work put into it then a lot of games I've seen.
For me, starting the game had a bit of the delay. The jumping and falling mechanic is a bit out of control. I also ended up in the same spot as DerangedDom where I couldn't get out of this pit. I would rather have that be a cliff I fall off of instead of a misleading path that requires you to refresh the page. The graphics, also are a bit under par. The two black lines on the screen are actually slightly annoying, and a white background seems a bit plain for this type of game. I don't think it deserves 0 stars, as it is promising for a demo version. But it needs a lot of work for it to be a finished game.

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Between Circles Between Circles

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I LOVE this concept! It's always nice to see original ideas instead of typical platformers or general point and click games in the game portal. Nothing much to critique, I think it's a great game.

Rainbow Cube Rainbow Cube

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simple concept, not too difficult. The instructions were very clear and I overall liked the backgrounds.
Speaking of the backgrounds can you PLEASE tell me where you found that Super Smash Brothers wallpaper? It looks so dope but I also can't look at it long enough because I have to focus on the game.

dedaloodak responds:

:D On google images
Thanks for 5 stars.

Super Oppressed PPL. Super Oppressed PPL.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Was this game intended to be hilarious? I was dying by the end of this game. The game was very simple and fun to play. Thanks for the medals as well.

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KMDES responds:

The game was intended as an inside joke between a few people. Ended up blowing up a bit. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm Not Sunflap Hanes 2017 I'm Not Sunflap Hanes 2017

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Was this built on LSD or something? I really don't understand the point. The animation isn't very well put together, and the art was poorly designed. Every time I feel like I get somewhere I end up looping back to the beginning. Also, I understand I can mute the game but that music loops also gets really annoying after a while. Hate to leave such a negative review, but this needs more work put into it.

HippoSandbox HippoSandbox

Rated 1 / 5 stars

There's not much to do. Lava burns the sand and stones can overlap each other. That's the only interaction you're going to find in this game. The game needs a lot more.

HippopoGames responds:

Fire Update !