2017-07-22 16:50:22 by BlueAlpha14

I no longer have 3 playlists for my songs!!!!111!

The only reason why I divided my songs into playlists is because my old music player app would not shuffle correctly if a playlist had more than 200 songs in there. Thus, I had to make 3 different playlists to accomadate that.

Now I've found a new music player app because my old one is starting to have serious issues.

F O R E X A M P L E: Ever since I got my new phone, it's literally been clearing all my playlists. It is damn hard to arrange over 700 songs into different playlists especially when you can't choose which folders you want to import, you are forced to go to a last added playlist that only displays like 400 songs at a time. The songs will literally stay on my playlist for a day and then for some reason the next day they will all be removed from my playlist. The new app I found has easier importing so even if glitches like that DO happen (which I swear to god they better not because I'll consider getting a new phone), it won't be such a pain to add everything back together.

And, it can actually shuffle 681 tracks properly!

Ok, I guess I better say some ACTUAL news now so I'm not off-topic:

I badly want to say I have a new song in the works, but it is hard to get one started. Especially when you want to be a dubstep producer. So, you know, I might get a song done. I might not.

My sample pack post is almost done. I just need to find someone to help clear up a few sample packs for me so I know if they're allowed for use on here or not. If you still have any sample packs you found I'll gladly add them to the post with credit.

Yeah, that's all I have. Just wanted to express my excitement for my music player.

Also, while I'm here, for anyone who listens to EDM (not the correct term I know, I seriously don't care), do you have any reccommendations for some good headphones? I want to buy some new ones, but I want to make sure I'm buying the right type for the kind of music I listen to.

Ok, yeah that's all I have.

Goodbye now.


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2017-07-25 03:01:56


BlueAlpha14 responds:

You see, the problem with speakers is I live with other people and don't want to disrupt them.


2017-07-25 15:26:25

Huh okay, where i live my folks don't get disturbed by the loud music, although that may be because my speakers are at mid volume and they can't hear it.
Only reccomendation i have is to not get earbuds. Either one side of the earbuds stop working after a few months, at least for the ones i tried. Plus(this may be personal opinion)it's more comfortable to wear headphones than earbuds.

BlueAlpha14 responds:

Yeah, exactly. I agree. I already have headphones. Mine are kinda cheap though. I'm considering getting a good brand like Beats or something but that is QUITE an investment.

I guess, it's not like I won't use them tho. Even if I don't listen to music I use them for YouTube