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Posted by BlueAlpha14 - January 30th, 2017

I'm sick of all this "screw Newgrounds you put GD out of business :(((((((((((((((((((((((" and it's only been going on for a DAY. Just stop, please. YOU'RE the ones who did this to yourselves, not us. It was YOUR choice to upload songs you knew good and well you didn't have the rights to upload, not ours. We didn't force you to upload the songs, you forced yourself. This site has given you guys so many warnings  and reminders it's unbelievable. A good portion of you theifs speak and read English. The guidelines are in English. Unless you can't read English or you have a reading disorder, there is no way you didn't see the guidelines. And what's really bad? These guys have the audacity to be upset with NG for stuff they did, and some of you don't even know what you did wrong. I'm not going to bother naming stuff and examples, but a good portion of the GD users did this to themselves. You have to understand that Newgrounds is a huge site and a lot of us rely on it. Suppose you make a website, invest all your time and money in it and then it's taken away from a lawsuit because a bunch of idiotic 12 year olds clearly weren't taught that "NO means NO". Suppose you were a creator, an animator, artist, game developer, musician, voice actor, writer, and you use this site as a great resource for posting your stuff. Because on sites like deviantart, youtube, soundcloud, etc. you're not going to get near as much recognition as you do here. Imagine you're one of those artists and this resource was taken away from you, now you don't got anywhere to post your stuff and get recognized for it. Grow up and think of others instead of thinking "but i need to upload this skrillex song for a mathy type game :(((((((((((". You want Skrillex on here so bad? He has social media. Ask him. If not, there are tons of really good songs on here. And yes, there's plently of good dubstep for your stupid and overused "circles levels".

In conclusion, stop harrasing the staff. You still have the game, and it still works. It's not like your copy of the game is unusable. If you haven't downloaded a copy of the game that's your own stupidity. Just stop harrasing us for a problem you created yourself. Suppose if you were to be pulled in court for theft in a store your defense would be "oh no it's not my fault it's the store's fault because they're unfair".

I would be embarrased if I were RobTop. Really embarrased.

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screoww uoy newgorund

If you're going to try and troll, you could've at least pretended like you actually read the post.

Man I'm not reading all that. I don't really care either way

Arbitrary comment passing through. Also laughing at the GD user rage as I do it. K byeeee


You make a very good point on this

Thanks, I just needed to vent. It's just annoying how these people think they weren't doing anything wrong. They knew it was coming, Newgrounds talked about this for a long time.

It's a shame, instead of the petition being "Remove custom songs from gd" You decide to have it taken down. What good does that do you? Nothing. it's sad how you somehow want the whole game to be taken down because of custom songs. "They stole from creators" Lame fucking excuse buddy! You wanted a change? You should've had him remove the custom song feature. That would've been way much better than just having the whole game taken down. And it doesn't matter if it's been a day. This game matters to people and you guys are just being complete douchebags.

You're talking to me like I made the petition. I supported the petition, you're damn right. But I never made the petition. I'm a user, not a staff member, unfortunately it is not my business to make a petition.

And how is stealing a lame excuse? I swear, it's like you're blind to what could happen.

I did suggest to have the feature removed, don't talk to me like I made the petition. Perhaps you need to look up online piracy and perhaps one of the site moderators can tell you how dangerous copyright is and how if a large scaled copyright owner sues this website, you will lose access to any custom songs. And I HIGHLY doubt RobTop will ever get permissions from SoundCloud or Spotify to use their content.

Damn. I think we just got roasted... ._.

@J25J25 i agree.

Instead of all this amount of words you could have just give us a full clear answer of: Why fucking throw down a game because a little part of the community are damn stupid? It's like doing a big cake but you throw it because a single fly stopped at the top, has no sense. I understand your rage and Newgrounds community way to think about this, but, was that hard to only remove the custom song and c'est finí?

Why throw down a game because a "small" portion of the community can't follow rules? That "small" portion could have this site taken down.

he seemed to be pressured at first, and will be more pressure at this matter. One solution is Robtop must hire people.


Have you ever thought of kids that never knew that this website was the source of custom music from gd?

But they upload here?

Honestly speaking, part of me are siding with you with the no means no part.

Having geometry dash taken down on steam is not the solution.

Look at his Twitter, it wasn't Newgrounds

@MathiasTheGamer Castrate yourself.

gonna have to be honest, i'm disappointed in us for starting this crap.
then again, that's what we get for being on the internet? just some kids that learned their first words and have now joined our group on accident.

also, pretty dumb how people want to use other songs that aren't on NG by uploading them to NG (without anyone's permission to do so) and using it in their GD level which may or may not be complete crap.

also what you said at the end "there are tons of really good songs on here." i agree with that, you just have to FIND it.
i'm pretty sure that's what people can't do: find things.

I feel like I see the same stuff on Geometry Dash levels. Although 2.1 has raised the ceiling for more dynamic levels.

I've found some good stuff here, but even the good stuff is being overused.

pat yourself on the back, you are one of the positive reason why that shit job GD was removed. Fuck GD.

Apparently it wasn't NG that got the game removed. I'm not gonna bother updating this post with that statement, though. These hard heads will believe what they want to.

@bluealpha14 that comment on circles levels was completely uncalled for, there hasn't been a circles level rated since, if i recall correctly, Future Circles by keiAs (formerly Erael) and that was in July 2016 (ok yes Sonic Wave got rated after but that level was made in 1.9, and hasn't been verified legitimately until couple months ago so ye). Also the majority of circles levels are fun, and have diversified enough gameplay to not be classed as "shitty" as you say. Sure, i may not be good at them (my hardest is jawbreaker LMAO) but that doesn't prevent them from being great fun and a great challenge (except for Fairydust that level can suck a fat one fucking hate that awful piece of shit). Also, while most circles levels do use a dubstep track, this is not always the case. some examples are "Rising Circles", "Dorabae-Basic10", "Infinite Circles", "Future Circles", "End of the Circles", "Solar Circles", "Golden Hope", "Windy Circles" and "Butterfly Effect". And each circles wave parts have diverse wave gameplay and effective color schemes.

to conclude, i believe your comment of "shitty, overused circles levels" was uncalled for, and i have proven that BOTH of your negative adjectives are in fact, incorrect. I suggest the next time you want to attack such an influential, popular, immersive, fun, skill-building type of demon, you'll think twice

thank you for your time

Jesus Christ, you know you're a low life when you make a wall of text over a circle level. I'm not even going to give you the satisfaction of reading all that.


it's nice you keep an open discussion, but you know you can always block these dimwitts.

no need to waste breathes on them.


grow the fuck up.

Eh, these people don't bother me enough to block them. Then I'd just be admitting that they disturb me.

GDStirFry is a moron. I've seen all the popular circles levels, they have the same design scheme. I feel like that dude just wrote that rant to look smart in front of the people who've commented on this.

It wasn't a wall of text on a circle level, it was a wall of text on my favourite level series, i.e every circle level.


i looked waaaay too deep into this didn't I?

You think?

I hope that NG and GD can actually do something together. RobTop wasn't too aware of this until Troisnyx PETITIONED TO REMOVE HIS GAME FROM THE APP STORE. Give him a while to get the new thing through, and if he doesn't then start taking more action. He may spend up to a few months on this because he's him. Also, it's not "thiefs", but it's "thieves". (Sorry for being a spelling Nazi :/)

Ah crap, well I'm not the best at grammar..

Great opinion. I'm from the few Dashers that doesn't do that. However, I do recognize the situation, and wrote my own post about it. But I tolerate your opinion. That's all I can say.

I'm only just now getting to read this and... Slow clap.

lol thanks, really I only made this because when I logged on the first 4 news posts I saw were related to GD and how Newgrounds screwed them over. Then I soon realized it wasn't even us who shut them down lol

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