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Like every other Splittercore song, it lacks melody. I mean, don't get me wrong, it does have drums and spoken words. But, it is still a song so it's not an excuse to leave out some kind of melody. Some fast paced arps might work really well with this. As far as the "Splittercore" part, well, it's just sounds looped at 500 BPM. Not very creative at all. There's really nothing else to say. It's a fun experiment, but the audio that is presented is not very promising.

darklight - Splittercore 4 Dogz darklight - Splittercore 4 Dogz

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Let me give you some advice: Try not to use FL Mobile. It's kinda hard to create sounds on here because you're limited to stock samples and loops. If you're looking for a free DAW that you can use on your computer (and you also have more variety for sounds) there is always ZynAddSubFX. I know of a couple people that use it and while the mixdown isn't great, the sounds are quite nice.

As far as the song, anyone can set the tempo to 500 BPM, pick an instrument or drum and pump out 50 speedcore songs in a day. And "it's speedcore, what do you expect" isn't too good of an excuse for a song.

I feel like even though speedcore isn't that good of a genre there are ways to improve this. Some melody/chords wouldn't kill the song and a drum build-up might be nice. If FL Mobile had tempo envelopes, I would also suggest maybe making the drum build up going faster to match up with the drop (like, a 16 bar build up going from 140 BPM to 500 BPM). Other than that, there is a lot of room for improvement on this one. Sorry.

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Skiddle responds:

Ok. Lemme clear this quickly. 1 - You are not limited to stock samples & loops. 2 - I actually tried (lol) to make this. And i know I could improve this A LOT. I am still getting started after all. Thanks for your input dude.

Marianz - Day End Marianz - Day End

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Those basses were SICK! They're so slimy and just.. really cool sounding :D
Unfortunately, I'm not too much a fan of the intro and the chords you used. The violin, I'm going to be honest, was not a good idea. I get you're trying to capture the idea of orchestral dubstep, but they're should've been more than just a violin in that case. As I said, I don't like the notes on the strings or piano, they're harsh and very unsatisfying. It doesn't match very well with the bass drop. I do have to give you props on such an amazing drop though, so 3 stars 4 u.

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ElMarianz responds:

Thanks for the review and in truth you're right I'm not good with the melodies or chords I started 1 year ago to produce that is enough but I do not have much time to learn things about composition by the school. I appreciate your review and I will be improving for the next ;)

Growl Kat - Dry Growl Kat - Dry

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So this is why you named yourself Growl Kat... I am not disappointed <3

DJCat12 responds:

Yes, its one of the reasons to name me Growl Kat, I usually use much heavy growls, but I cannot make this souns actually until I buy a new procesor. Thanks Man/Girl!

WarriorTrone - Necrotic Infestation WarriorTrone - Necrotic Infestation

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Ooh, that whipping noise at 1:56 was not nice. Good job on the track otherwise, though. Those basses were slick.

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TheDubStepTronic responds:

Oh wow, what a surprise review!

Yeah, I think that sound might of been the grenade ticking sound or something, unless it was the bass.
Anyway, thanks for the review! The basses are kinda really edited from presets I got, I messed with them to suit my tasting... They sound dope.

MonsterboyGD - The core MonsterboyGD - The core

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3 things.
1. This is labeled incorrectly. Dubstep doesn't come close to this. The original is labeled as 'Techno' and, well, you basically made a cover so....
2. The notes are spread out enough. Some notes are too close together.
3. As I said, this was basically a cover and not much was changed from what was there. The drums aren't as bad as you describe them in the description, and for once your song has a good quality instead of a phone recording.

Soul Snatcher Soul Snatcher

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Dude, you're way better at dubstep than you are at electro. Sounds were amazing. I didn't really like those high pitched parts around 0:49, but that's just a "hearing-sensitivity" thing with me.

Lz MBX show Lz MBX show

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ever considered getting a DAW or finding a way to digitally record this? The audio quality is extremely poor when you're recording just a piano. The tune is catchy, but quality is a very important aspect to music.

EDM364's NGAPMD #14 EDM364's NGAPMD #14

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I prefer these podcasts more than your news posts, parts of this were extremely hilarious (not the sad parts, of course).

On a side note, while Google Translate does exist for the users who do not speak English, GT is not a very reliable resource. After learning a bit about Spanish this year, there's a lot of conjugation that Google servers ignore (I'm only using Spanish as an example because most of the GD users on here are Spanish).

EDM364 responds:

Yeah, I will admit GT is terrible as a Spanish speaker myself, but it's rudimentary enough you can figure out what's on the page for more obscure languages like Belarusian that people in the US are not likely to speak.

Serum - ZobMusic [Dubstep] Serum - ZobMusic [Dubstep]

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Alright, so the melody was great and all. The arps and supersaws sounded nice. Drums were nice, yeah. The only hang up I have though is that drop. If you're going to use Virtual Riot loops, especially from a sample pack a lot of people are familiar with, try and make them different. You used that same loop, over and over, without any variation. I've used VR samples, but I at least fuse them with other sounds. The title was misleading, overall. When I saw "Serum" I was expecting a sick track. Ripping a loop and inserting it into a track is kinda... noob-ish.

ZobMusic responds:

i was trying to find some serum presets and stumbled upon this, i honestly love virtual riot but ehh ill admit this took no creativity. I honestly thought i was downloading massive and serum presets. I have a better project otw